Vaksos Campany

The first Egyptian company specialized in virtual and augmented reality, real estate marketing, commercial services, Internet services, advertising and media

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Work steps within the company

We follow a clear and accurate system in dealing with our customers

Virtual reality scans

We come to the customer’s facility and scan it completely with virtual reality technology, quickly, accurately, and at the lowest prices. We scan all places inside the facility according to the customer’s desire.

VR analysis and editing

We analyze the swabs, modify them, upload them to our website system, and send a link to the customer to display it to his customers and reuse it in advertising

Providing service

We give the service to the customer in the form of a link or qr code so that the customer can use the service either in advertising or advertising with us

Our services

Wedding halls

Hotels and Resort




Hotels and Resort


Why are we the best?

  • We provide the best service in the fastest time and lowest prices
  • We own our own virtual reality and imaging VR platform 
  • we do not depend on any external platforms
  • We do not only work in the field of virtual reality, but also work in the field of preaching and media
  • We can professionally make client-funded ads that guarantee you profit
  • We provide software services and design services for websites and applications

Our Projects

work team within the company

Words of the company's board of directors

"Our company is the first company in Egypt in the field of virtual and augmented reality and we always strive to provide the best service at the lowest prices"
Eng/ Osama Adel
Technical manager
"We always look forward, our goal is to reach all countries of the world and provide the best service with the highest quality and in the fastest time""
ُENG/ Mohamed Bakhit
manager director
"Our goal is to provide high quality services that improve lives in the world and in the future"

ENG/ Ahmed Kelany
operation manager

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Saturday/Thursday: 10 am to 8 pm